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With The Ultimate Battle for the Sexes finally comes the chance to find out who are the best: males or females? Everybody already knows that men are good at chopping trees or football, but how will they manage nailpolish, shaving their legs or putting a baby to sleep? Will the ladies, skilled as they are at the catwalk, dancing or finding bargains, stumble when tasked with changing a tire or swatting a cockroach? You probably already know the answer, but you cannot be sure until you've played The Ultimate Battle of the Sexes! Ten funny cartoon characters are waiting to represent you and your friends as you play through different modes as settle the Ultimate Battle. Be warned! The outcome is likely to surprise you, and cause you to rethink your preconceptions about the other gender.

  • Engaging cartoon style, brimming with funny voiceovers and wacky sound effects.
  • Choose a character from the ten poignant stereotypes. Which one is most like you?
  • There are 25 varied minigames to enjoy. Many minigames are especially designed to work with the Wii Balance Board.
  • Different game modes ensure hours of fun, whether you're alone, in a large group, or with your significant other.




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