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This is the start of a unique career!

With your arrival at the mansion starts the dream of any young woman: you are about to become a famous fashion model! From now on, everything you do will be scrutinized by a jury. For ten weeks, the players will have to prove their worth on the Catwalk, during photoshoots and Styling-events. Choose the right combinations from hundreds of pieces of clothing in 16 trendy styles. Being a supermodel is no easy task! Luckily, your very own PDA will help you organize your busy schedule. But the action is not only found in the limelight. Behind the scenes, a supermodel has to fight gossip and intrigue. Sometimes, a catfight cannot be avoided. Between your jealous rivals and the fickle judgements of the jury, there will be little time to catch your breath. Get ready to become the world's next Top Model!

  • An expansive 3D-world including luxurious villa, city centre and five star hotel.
  • A model's dream: All-you-can-carry shopping, free fitness, regular photoshoots and much, much more.
  • Four playable characters. Dress her up in clothing from 16 different styles. This includes sixties/seventies, romantic or beachwear!
  • Motion-captured realistic animations and spoken dialogue throughout.




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