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We are currently working on unannounced projects for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The studio was founded in 2007 by four industry veterans (Filip Hautekeete, Harald Riegler, Gerhard Seiler and Peter Vermeulen) who have been developing games since the beginning of the videogame era. Neopica is the sister studio of Austria's leading game development studio Sproing.

Peter Vermeulen - CEO

Peter is in charge of business development, legal and finance. He has years of experience in the games industry. Working as a programmer and designer on several projects. His track record for delivering games on time and on budget combined with his team leadership skills make Peter an effective CEO for Neopica.

Filip Hautekeete - CTO

Filip is responsible for all technical decisions on the company's projects. He has expertise in a number of fields, ranging from microchip programming, to deep knowledge of today's 3D graphics, console platforms, physics and AI programming. In addition, Filip is highly adaptable and is skilled at motivating teams to deliver on the technology vision of the project and ongoing studio tools and technology.


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