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Games Festival 2 for Nintendo 3DS coming soon!

Animal Hospital for Nintendo 3DS coming soon!



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Coming soon!
We are proud to announce our upcoming releases for Nintendo 3DS! Check the games page for more information on each title!

I Love My Pets: The cutest puppies and kittens!

Become the manager of a hotel for cats and dogs and take care of your pets: take your puppy out for a walk in the park, teach them to jump over a skipping-rope, pet them, play frisbee with them... Brush your cat, teach them to hunt, train them for an obstacle course... and make them purr! Choose between 16 breeds of cats and dogs and play hide-and-seek with your pet with the AR card of your Nintendo 3DS!

Animal Hospital: A real veterinary adventure game!

Become a real veterinarian and take care of your favourite animals! Dr Robert's clinic is going through difficult times and needs your skills to develop and expand. Examinations, diagnostics and treatments: heal your patients and unlock new veterinary health centres so you can receive all patients furred and feathered.

Games Festival 1 & Games Festival 2: Enjoy the Pocket Funfair!

Enjoy the carnival spirit with games of skill, solo or multiplayer - just as fun and addictive as in real life. The features of the 3DS mean you can play right away! Challenge your friends in local multiplayer mode, and play on up to 8 consoles with a single Game Card! Break your records and compare them with other players' using StreetPass.

Neopica produces games from original ideas as well as games from existing game designs and licenses (movies, comics, cartoons). The company has the capability to handle ports and localization of software to any platform or territory.

Over the years, Neopica's core team have successfully developed more than 60 titles, from very small to large scale games, for retail and online. The company's talented international team brings an enormous amount of experience to the table.

Please contact us if you are interested in finding out more about the company or if you would like to speak with someone from the team about business opportunities.


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